Register for the 2022 AGM

Our Annual General Meeting will be taking place online via Zoom Webinar on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Meeting runs from 7:00pm–8:30pm

On November 22, we will be holding a members’ meeting at 7:00pm on Zoom Webinar. This is referred to as our Annual General Meeting. All are welcome. Members are requested to attend and prayerfully engage in matters of our church. To help facilitate check-in and electronic voting, please register by November 19. The webinar link will be provided upon registration. Details regarding checking-in and voting are provided below and will also emailed by November 19 to those who have registered. There will be several business matters that will require members to vote on. In preparation for the AGM, we ask that you review the information package provided below.

2021-22 Financial Statements

AGM Agenda

November 22, 2021 Members Meeting Minutes 

Board member Nominees

This year, there are three board positions that need to be filled. The role of the Board Member is to partner with the Lead Pastor in the overall direction, governance, and administration of the bridge. After prayerful consideration, the following three nominees have allowed their name to stand.

Chrissie Shum

Current: Current Board Member, Worship Team Member, Discover Classes Administrator

Paul Daye

Current: LifeGroup Leader, Photography Team

Previous: Connections Team & Alpha Leader 


Drex Sison

Current: Young Adults Ministry Team Leader

Previous: Connections Team & OnMission Team


During the AGM, voting members will receive an email after attendance at the AGM has been confirmed and members deemed “present” for quorum purposes. This will be sent shortly after quorum has been established and attendance email list confirmed for voting purposes. The email will allow you to vote during the meeting and will come from the bridge via Election Runner. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam mailbox. If you are sharing a device with another member in your household, once logged into the webinar, please enter both your names in the Q&A chat to confirm both of you are present for the AGM. Please note: you will need to be able to access your email during the AGM. 

The email will include a Voter ID and Voter Key with a link that will automatically log you in specifically to Election Runner to submit your vote. You will only be able to vote once. Your Voter ID will allow us to see if your vote has been submitted, but your vote/ballot will be anonymous.

Please note: voting will not open until the AGM starts. Voting for the November, 22, 2021 Members Meeting minutes, board election, and financial report will all be on one ballot.

If you have been designated as a proxy holder by a member who is not able to attend, you will receive a separate email addressed in their name. Please make sure you have discussed with the member how they would like you to vote on their behalf. To vote for yourself, click the link in the email addressed to you. To vote for the member who has designated you as their proxy holder, click the email with their name on it.

As preparation for the AGM, we encourage you to review the documents and presentations on this website.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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