Our Annual General Meeting will be taking place online via Zoom Webinar on November 22, 2020.

Registration has now closed  |  Meeting runs from 2:00–3:30pm

On November 22, we will be holding a members’ meeting at 2:00pm on Zoom Webinar. This is referred to as our Annual General Meeting. All are welcome. Members are requested to attend and prayerfully engage in matters of our church. To help facilitate check-in and electronic voting, please register by November 18. The webinar link will be provided upon registration. If you and someone from your household will be viewing on separate devices, please register separately. Details regarding checking-in and voting will be available on this website and also emailed by November 20 to those who have registered. There will be several business matters that will require members to vote on.


On Sunday, voting members will receive an email after your attendance at the AGM has been confirmed and deemed “present” for quorum purposes. This will be sent shortly after quorum has been established and attendance email list confirmed for voting purposes. The email will allow you to vote during the meeting and will come from the bridge via Election Runner. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam mailbox. If you are sharing a device with another member in your household, once logged into the webinar, please enter both your names in the Q&A chat to confirm both of you are present for the AGM. Please note: you will need to be able to access your email during the AGM. 

The email will include a Voter ID and Voter Key with a link that will automatically log you in specifically to Election Runner to submit your vote. You will only be able to vote once. Your Voter ID will allow us to see if your vote has been submitted, but your vote/ballot will be anonymous.

Please note: voting will not open until the AGM starts. Voting for the 2018–2019 AGM minutes, board election, finances, and building project will all be on one ballot and voting will take place toward the end of the meeting.

If you have been designated as a proxy holder by a member who is not able to attend, you will receive a separate email addressed in their name. Please make sure you have discussed with the member how they would like you to vote on their behalf. To vote for yourself, click the link in the email addressed to you. To vote for the member who has designated you as their proxy holder, click the email with their name on it.

As preparation for the AGM, we encourage you to review the documents and presentations on this website.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Board member Nominees

This year, there are three board positions that need to be filled. The role of the Board Member is to partner with the Lead Pastor in the overall direction, governance, and administration of the bridge. After prayerful consideration, the following four nominees have allowed their name to stand.

Chase Bethel

Current Board Member
Children’s Ministry

Chrissie Shum

Connections Ministry
Worship Arts

Paul Daye

Host Ministries
Photography Team

Sonia Tan

Connections Ministry
Finance Committee
LifeGroup Team

building project

The slides from our building project update on November 8 Town Hall meeting can be found below. This is an “All In” moment for each of us, it will certainly test us as to our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We can’t and won’t move forward with the building project unless the congregation approves the first motion.

Building Walkthough

Here is the 3D render of the building concept shown at the Town Hall meeting on November 8.

At our annual meeting on November 22, there will be two motions that will require members to vote on:
  • The Board has moved that we borrow up to $2.5 million for the completion of building project. (For perspective, we were carrying this size of debt approximately one year ago.)
  • The Board has moved that the congregation join with them in raising the majority of the funds needed for the building project through a capital campaign in 2021.

If you have any comments or questions, please email [email protected]

The Motivation FOR Proceeding with the Building Project


Why build?

To optimize and maximize our ministry opportunity. We have a vision to see 1800–2000 people being ministered to in any given week. We see a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-purpose church facility fulfilling God’s Kingdom agenda. Our current building presents challenges in terms of capacity for growth, significant repairs that need to be made, accessibility issues, etc. We have the money and the resources to fulfill this project now. We have 85% of the funds in hand. The other 15% we can raise or finance. Imagine if someone came to us and offered to us this beautiful, fully functional building that addresses our ministry and vision for maximum impact for $2.5 million…would we not seize upon this opportunity?

Is now the right time to build?

COVID-19 presents an opportunity. If we start now, we will have new space available just as people are feeling comfortable to begin gathering in person once again. It will be more difficult to build with our usual ministry in progress. Pre-COVID, we were running at a negative impact growth rate. Even now through a virtual expression, our ministries are healthy, thriving and growing. We are building now for the congregation and community of 3-5 years from now, not just for this present time. Each time we have developed our property, our growth rate has gone up. New space means new reach, new people, new ministries, new income and ultimately, greater ability to connect people to God, His church, and to their world in Christ.

Will the current gym / kitchen be impacted by the building project?

The gym and kitchen themselves will remain as is. The washrooms and connecting entrances to the rest of the building will change to be connected to the new sections of the building.

Why will we not be able to access the gym until approximately May 2021?

As part of construction permit process and for safety reasons, occupancy of the building is not permitted during the demolition and beginning stages of the construction. Once electricity and water has been reconnected and fire safety requirements met, we hope to gain partial occupancy of the building and be able to access our gym. Similarly, we hope to gain access to the new auditorium once that portion of the building has been built.

In light of COVID-19, will washrooms be designed to be touchless?

Yes, bathrooms will be designed to be touchless and other design/functional requirements will be considered as well. We are encouraged that the current design of the building already incorporates large open spaces.

Why do we need to approve the borrowing of up to $2.5M?

As per our by-laws, any debt exceeding 10% of the previous year’s giving must be approved by the members of the church. Knowing in advance the project will cost more than the initial budget of $11M, the Board does not want to proceed with a project design that will require debt later on without communicating first and getting approval.

How was the need for $2.5M determined?

$2.5M is the difference between the previously approved $11M budget and our current projected building cost with a 10% contingency rate. This is calculated on both hard construction costs and soft costs (e.g. AVL, professional fees, development fees, etc.).

If this borrowing is approved by the church, how will the church plan to meet this financial obligation?

We do not expect to take on debt until 2021–2022. The amount will be determined by how much is raised through our capital campaign. The ability to finance the debt will be part of our annual budgeting process. The Finance Committee and the Board will plan accordingly during then next budget season. Historically, we have projected a balanced budget and have been blessed to meet that or have a surplus. We will continue to pray for a surplus like this year.

If the congregation votes no to borrowing up to $2.5M, what does that mean?

The Board and the Building Committee would need to re-evaluate how to meet ministry needs as the church continues to grow, look at re-designing the building accordingly, all within the original budget of $11M. This would entail going through an elongated process with the City and Region: submitting new plans for approval, reassessing parking requirements and development fees, etc. In order to continue to use the church as this happens, the church would also need to proceed with some repairs and renovations that were not done in anticipation of the building project (e.g., roof repairs, HVAC, etc.).

2019-2020 impact report now online!

The 2019-2020 Impact Report has gone DIGITAL! This online interactive impact report details all the ministry highlights from the past year. We are so excited to share the impact report in this new way. Click on the button below to view the updates and videos!


Board Role

2019–2020 financial update slides

2019 Financial Statements

2019 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2020 annual general meeting agenda

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