Baptism Stories

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward reality. Together as a church family, we get to celebrate these 11 individuals who took the next step in their faith to express their commitment and dedication to Jesus.

Hear their powerful stories.

Baptisms | June 2022

June 2022 – Highlight

Venessa Ermilus

Shan Theverajah

Ramez Roman

Kristen Ng

Jalen Mak

Daniel Henry

Chloe Henry

Taya Lau

Kayla Lau

Ellie Lau

Baptisms | September 2021

Pool Baptisms

Sara Lau

Darrell Wong

Richard Yiu

Jasmin hung

Lucia Farid

Jackie Chiu

Jai Kardeo

Bianca Allen

Alex Bolton

Rachel Salvanera

the bridge