As many of you know, the bridge is a church that partners with organizations that care for the needs of individuals and communities locally and globally. One of our amazing partners is Compassion Canada.

Over the past several months, the bridge has been responding to the needs that have been presented as a result of the impact of COVID-19. We have been assisting individuals and communities with practical and emotional support through OnMission, Care and Young Adult Ministries.

We can extend that generosity and support Compassion Canada in their global response in the midst of the pandemic by providing desperately needed food, shelter and hygiene supplies to children and their families. Compassion’s steady and consistent presence continues to be the difference maker—but they need our help! The need is as great as it’s been in generations. Now is the time for the global Church to rise as one. the bridge can join together with other local churches around the world to help minister to critically affected children, families, and communities.

What an opportunity for us to partner with Compassion in this way. The need is huge, but together we have the opportunity to impact and make a difference. Over the next month, until August 22, our goal will be to raise $5,000 toward this initiative. Please click on the “Give Now” button above to give directly to Compassion Canada. Thank you for partnering with us and generously supporting the global needs of children, families and their communities.

the bridge