An Engaging Seminar to Radically Increase Your Impact

Won’t you take an hour and a half to invest in yourself, so that you may invest in others in a richer way?

Bill Hybels says this: The use of your major spiritual gift breathes life back into you. When you have identified your spiritual gifts and use them under the direction of Jesus Christ, you make a difference. You feel the affirmation of God, and many times you feel more energized after serving than before.

Join Pastor Karen

for a hands-on experience to Discover Your spiritual gifts.

This session will last 90 minutes and you’ll walk away with these practical resources:


A personal Assessment


Profile of each of your gifts


identification of your top 3 gifts

Wednesday, October 14

Sunday, October 16

Time: 8:00pm–9:30pm

Registration will be opening soon.

*Limit of 18 people

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