Kidzone: April 23 Update

Apr 23, 2021Kidzone Online

What is a “small win” you can identify for your family this week? Maybe that looks like a morning where everyone got logged into virtual school on time(ish). Maybe that’s an afternoon (or an hour!) where there was no fighting. Or, maybe that looked like everyone getting fed, bathed and to bed at a decent time. This is a season to celebrate the “small wins,” because most of them are actually BIG wins in these days. Take a moment to reflect on a small win, and extend grace to yourself. You are doing your best, and the Lord sees and knows your heart! He is with each of you. I’m praying for you all!

Remember: lunch-time stories are back every Wednesday from 12:30-1:00pm on Instagram LIVE (@bridgekidzone)! Even if you’re only able to pop on for a few minutes, feel free to join us! It’s a great opportunity to enjoy some community time together. If you or your child would like to be a mystery guest reader, let me know!

We are in an age where we are spending more time than ever before online and attached to our smartphones. The pandemic has only increased that with online learning and work from home. Maybe you have questions surrounding how much time on devices is appropriate for your kids? Maybe you have other questions related to your family’s values and time spent online? This is an incredibly well written guide (from a biblical worldview), that helps parents to think through their values related to smart phone & device usage in the home. It also asks some thought provoking questions, and includes additional resources on specific issues you may be facing. Feel free to check it out HERE or on our resource page!

DOES YOUR FAMILY LIKE PIZZA? Is anyone REALLY going to answer that question with a “no”? STAY TUNED: we have an exciting announcement and sign-up opportunity related to pizza that you won’t want to miss out on coming next week!

We’d also like to let you know that we will be offering a few Online Camp options again this summer for kids who enjoy and thrive from these experiences. Keep watching our updates for more information on this summer’s options and the registration date. Registration will happen on our Online Camps site that you can access HERE.

As usual, our weekly lessons and activities will be posted by Friday at 4pm on Kidzone Online. Don’t miss them!

WE LOVE YOUR KIDS & WE LOVE YOU! Don’t hesitate to reach out for support. You are not alone!

In His Love,
Pastor Shauna
[email protected]

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