Kidzone: August 20 Update

Aug 20, 2021Kidzone Online

MARK YOUR CALENDARS, FAMILIES! Saturday, September 11th (in the afternoon) marks this Fall’s, “POPPING UP!” launch event for Kidzone! We are thrilled to be able to offer a safe, outdoor, in-person event to celebrate our kids and the mark of the new ministry year to come! And naturally- there will be lots of popcorn. More information to come soon, but get that date down! You don’t want to miss it! 

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! As the Fall approaches, we would be so grateful if you would spend a couple of minutes to share with us your heart, feelings, and thoughts when it comes to your child’s participation in Children’s Ministry at the bridge this Fall! You can access the survey to share with us HERE. Please only complete ONE per family. We are EXCITED for all God will continue to do in the hearts and lives of our kids! We want to provide you with an opportunity to share safely and authentically with us, and also a platform where we can gather helpful information that will help us navigate the beginning of this new ministry year. We TRULY VALUE hearing from you. We know that there are so many unknowns with school starting back in-person. We know that we all are coming from different situations, contexts, health backgrounds, and more.  And we also know that as the church body, we are one in Jesus! We choose to clothes ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience toward one another. We love your kids so very much, and are praying diligently for God’s wisdom in the coming weeks and months as we plan. 

This is the FOURTH week for our series, “GOD’S GOOD PLANS”! We are using video-based curriculum from Saddleback Church! These are broken into 2 categories: Early Childhood (2s-SK kids), and Elementary (Grade 1-5 kids). You’ll also still notice some of our familiar faces each week in the videos, as we have worked to keep a personal touch with our own Kidzone volunteers sharing about something called the” SUMMER LOVE CHALLENGE!” These are weekly challenges (the same challenge for both age groups), of practical ways for your kids to love your neighbors and community as a family. This fulfills our “GO!” mission at the bridge! Keep watch on social media each Sunday, as we’ll also be posting the weekly challenges there. We would love to re-post and share pictures of your kids’ participation!

As usual, these video lesson and family resource postings will be updated by Fridays at 4pm on Kidzone Online. 

In His Love,
Pastor Shauna

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