Kidzone: July 23 Update

Jul 23, 2021Kidzone Online

Only a week and a half left to go until our BOLT VBS week starts! August 3rd-6th! 

Did you realize that all you need for taking part in BOLT VBS with your kids from August 3rd-6th is: 
o    An hour to an hour and a half each day (depending how many times you do the games!)
o    A computer to watch the video portions and participate in the Zoom opening/closing & check-ins with your Kidzone friends (if you’re able!)
o    1 hoola hoop, Vaseline, cotton balls, plastic cups, a rolled-up newspaper, and paper for origami
o    Enthusiasm & a heart that’s excited to learn more about Jesus and His power! 

And it’s not too late to sign up! BOLT “TOTALLY 80’s” is completely free, really easy, and a SUPER FUN daily discipleship opportunity for your family! You can also invite your neighbors or friends and do it together safely, right in your backyard. We’d love for you ALL to join in! You can register via the Virtual Camps website HERE, or head to 

We’re going on Week #6 of our weekly lesson videos for the summer quarter! We are using video-based curriculum from Saddleback Church! These are broken into 2 categories: Early Childhood (2s-SK kids), and Elementary (Grade 1-5 kids). Both age groups are participating in a series over the next few weeks called, “DARING FAITH!” You’ll also still notice some of our familiar faces each week in the videos, as we have worked to keep a personal touch with our own Kidzone volunteers sharing about something called the” SUMMER LOVE CHALLENGE!” These are weekly challenges (the same challenge for both age groups), of practical ways for your kids to love your neighbors and community as a family. This fulfills our “GO!” mission at the bridge! Keep watch on social media each Sunday, as we’ll also be posting the weekly challenges there. We would love to re-post and share pictures of your kids’ participation!

As usual, these video lesson and family resource postings will be updated by Fridays at 4pm on Kidzone Online. 

Next week we start a NEW LESSON SERIES called, “God’s Good Plans!” So excited for all that God has to teach us about the GOOD PLANS He has for our lives! 

In His Love,
Pastor Shauna

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