Kidzone: June 25 Update

Jun 24, 2021Kidzone Online

Happy Summer! 

Most of you have either finished, or are in the last couple days of finishing this school year. YOUR KIDS DID IT! YOU DID IT! We are so proud of you all; for the way you have navigated this year (unlike any other!), in the way that was best for your children and family. God BLESS you! We are praying for deep rest and recharge for your hearts and souls over these summer weeks!

We JUST finished the Drive-Thru Family Luau, and WHAT A BLAST! We could not have had a better time connecting and laughing with your kids and family! It was such a blessing to see you all. THANK YOU so much for joining us to celebrate the end of the school year and to kick-off SUMMER with your kids in such a fabulous way! Also, our hearts are full of gratitude for your donations to the MSCPC, and for your AWESOME car decorating! We will announce the winning family over social media ASAP! (and will include that in next week’s update!)

We’re going on Week #2 of the change to our weekly lesson videos for the summer quarter! Just in case you missed it, we are using video-based curriculum from Saddleback Church! These are broken into 2 categories: Early Childhood (2s-SK kids), and Elementary (Grade 1-5 kids). Both age groups will be embarking on a series over the next few weeks called, “DARING FAITH!” These are taught in developmentally appropriate ways for each age group. You’ll notice some elements of repetition that are new & different from our Gospel Light lessons (ie: repeated memory verse for the series, worship song with the memory verse, etc…). In addition, there is a parent devotional for YOU each week, to be able to connect with the learning your kids are doing. You’ll also still notice some of our familiar faces each week in the videos, as we have worked to keep a personal touch with our own Kidzone volunteers sharing about something called the, “SUMMER LOVE CHALLENGE!” These are weekly challenges (the same challenge for both age groups), of practical ways for your kids to love your neighbors and community as a family. This fulfills our “GO” mission at the bridge, and is a great connection to our Lifegroup Ministry and the Neighborhood Love campaign they are currently partaking in (with a childlike spin). Keep watch on social media each Sunday, as we’ll also be posting the weekly challenges there, and would love to re-post and share pictures of your kids’ participation!
As usual, these video lesson and family resource postings will be updated by Fridays at 4pm on Kidzone Online. 

HAVE YOU SIGNED UP FOR THE “TOTALLY 80s” BOLT VBS YET? We’d love ALL our kids and families to join in the fun! This will be running from August 3rd to 6th, but also has flexibility for when your family takes part together! As Covid restrictions ease and things become safer, we want to encourage you to join with friends, family or Lifegroups in your backyard to participate in this TOGETHER! You can access the Online Camps website HERE, or head to More information regarding BOLT VBS will be coming to those who have signed up VERY soon, so sign up today! 

Blessings upon each and every one of you. You are loved!
Pastor Shauna

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