Kidzone: March 20 Update

Mar 22, 2020Kidzone Online

Good Morning Kidzone Parents & Guardians,

I just wanted to take a moment to first tell each and every one of you that I believe in you, and I am praying for you. As we navigate these new waters together, I am praying for wisdom upon each and every one of us as we take one day at a time; that this unexpected time with your children and families would be a gift. I am praying that you would experience the power of the Holy Spirit hour by hour, moment by moment, and know that your presence in your child’s life IS the work of discipling them to follow Jesus. That may look like a simple meal around the table asking intentional questions. That may look like taking a hike in the woods and enjoying the splendor of God’s creation together. That may be giving your child physical touch and praying with them before bed when they feel worried. Your children are SO richly blessed to have this time with you and I am cheering for you all in these small and life changing moments. You’re all champions!

We are in a season where you have a lot of information and resources coming at you from every which way, and while some of those resources are great, it can still feel quite overwhelming at times.  While I am providing resources for you, please see them as a gift and not a requirement. There is no expectation tied to them: they are simply an offering of tools to help equip you if you need them. I am so excited that we can still be WITH you and CONNECT with you and your kids because of the gift of technology. Here is our update for the week with some exciting ways we will continue being the church for your kids, and continuing to encourage your kids to BE the church in others’ lives!

1) Keep having your kids participate with you in worship through song for the bridge online experience each Sunday! If you take a photo of your family and post it on Instagram, please tag @bridgekidzone & @thebridgemarkham, and we would LOVE to repost and share the way your family is utilizing our online platform to gather together to worship Jesus.

  • Our Kidzone “worship song of the week” for your kids this week is, “I’m Trusting You!” When life is scary, GOD IS GOOD! You can access it here.
  • On Fridays, you’ll receive an email for your child’s specific age grouping with a video of a leader or volunteer sharing our Gospel Light curriculum lesson of the week, and an attached follow-up resource! We are excited to continue to dive into Jesus’ teachings with your kids!

2) I’ve continued to develop a list of some additional resources for you based on feedback, organized by category (Biblical tools, outreach & mission ideas, COVID-19 explanations for kids…), to help lessen your time and need to search. You can access that list here. Please feel free to share it with your friends! Let me know of tools you may be interested in receiving.

3) We’d love to have your kids join us at our @bridgekidzone Instagram account LIVE Monday to Friday at 12:30pm for lunch-time stories! We will be reading a wide variety of stories at varying levels and can’t wait for your kids to join in community together for this special time. Feel free to comment, ask questions, and let us know if you have any special book requests. If we have it, we will read it. Invite your friends to join us!

4) We’re going to be having a weekly devotional time called, “Kidzone Klub” starting next week, delivered FOR kids, BY kids! We can’t WAIT for some of our kids to deliver and share God’s Word, encouragement and growth challenges to our kids. What an AWESOME way for our kids to connect with each other and with God! Watch for these “Kidzone Klub” devotionals coming next week.

5) THANK YOU for all your encouraging posters for the doctors, nurses and health care workers of MSH! We are so excited to put that collage together and deliver it to bless them this coming week!

This week’s missional outreach project for our kids is joining efforts with our church family to put together a non-perishable package for the Markham Food Bank. Our local food banks have such large needs right now to service families who do not have enough. What a wonderful opportunity to talk with our kids about how we can share what God has blessed us with, in order to bless others. Take this time to intentionally & lovingly put together a bag of canned goods, rice, beans, etc…and deliver it as a family to the Markham Food Bank during their open hours (link here) (while practicing wise social distancing). Take a picture and tag us on Instagram @bridgekidzone so that we can encourage one another and follow along on your community outreach journey!

If you or your child ever need a listening ear, a specific resource, or simply someone to talk to and pray with, please don’t hesitate to reach out. It is an honour to support you however we can. Cheering for you all as you journey with Jesus.

In His Love,

Pastor Shauna

[email protected]

If you’re looking for worship songs to play throughout the week at home for your kids, check out:
Lifetree Kids here.
Yancy Worship Playlist here.

AND a new link is…Bethel Kids worship here .

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