Kidzone: May 1 Update

May 1, 2020Kidzone Online

Good Morning, Kidzone Families!

Happy Friday! It is supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL Saturday & Sunday, so I hope and pray that you can get some fresh air and renewal with your family this weekend! 

We are in the works of planning an upcoming “Family Night” in partnership with Generation Bridge, and we’d love to hear from YOU on what topic may be of personal interest or would help you during these days. Please click on this link to answer ONE simple question!

Don’t forget, if you’ve been feeling socially isolated and are looking for a way to connect in a meaningful way with others, check out our online cafés!

Tuesdays: 4-5 pm, “Let’s Chat” 
Wednesdays: 2-3 pm “Parenting During Pandemic”
Thursdays: 7-8 pm “Got Questions on Finances?”

You can register by visiting  If you have any questions, feel free to email: [email protected].

We continue to hope that moving all of our weekly Kidzone updates and Sunday experiences to our WEBSITE has been helpful! You can find all that you will need for your child, according to the headings, by visiting: Check out our Worship Song of the Week, our weekly Mission Challenge, weekly Kidzone Klub devotionals, and more. You can even utilize the new bridge app to receive Kidzone Online updates by turning on notifications! For Sunday ministry materials, simply scroll down to “Kidzone Sunday” and click on your child’s age group! We will update these links each Friday by 4pm for the Sunday and week ahead with the video lesson and follow-up activities. 

Don’t forget to tune in Mondays to Fridays @bridgekidzone on Instagram LIVE! Everyday at 12:30pm we have lunch time stories. It has been SUCH a joy to spend this time together each day to connect! 

There are some more UPDATED RESOURCES this week! There is a new prayer calendar to help provide guidance and to help track your child’s prayers. There is also a 5 minute video from me with some practical tips for helping your kids to name their fears & anxieties in this season. In the same way we as adults are navigating grief and emotions in this season, so are our kids. Check it out

As always, these resources are a GIFT to help equip & empower you—there is no expectation tied to them! Use them in a way that will help YOU! 

Extend grace and kindness to yourself each day, parents. You are doing the best that you can and the Lord sees and knows your heart! I desire nothing more than to be able to encourage and stay connected and support you and your kids, so never hesitate to reach out. 

In His Love, 
Pastor Shauna
[email protected]

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