Kidzone: May 8 Update

May 8, 2020Kidzone Online

Good Morning, Kidzone Families!

Moms who are reading this right now: YOU ARE LOVED & APPRECIATED! I hope and pray that you are encouraged this weekend to know how unconditionally our Heavenly Father loves you. We love you too! Take a moment to extend some kindness, grace and time for yourself this weekend.

We would greatly appreciate if you could take one minute to fill out this camp survey (one per family):

This tool will help us gather feedback and insight to make the best possible decisions to serve you and your family this summer amidst our current circumstances. We are currently researching and networking with groups about potential part-time online camp options. We are so grateful for your input. We will be in touch in the next week or so regarding updates for this summer. Thank you for your patience! (Please note: full refunds will be provided for cancellations. Stay tuned!)

Mark your calendars for Bridge Family Night! on Monday, May 18 starting at 5:00pm! I’ll be hosting a “Pajama-Fort-Night!” for the kids LIVE on our @bridgekidzone Instagram account. Have your kids create a fun fort that day, and get into their PJs early! At the same time, Pastor Sam will be facilitating a 30-minute Generation Bridge seminar for how we can support kids’ mental health in this season. While our part is from 5-5:30pm, we want to encourage families to follow this time up with questions that Sam will provide, and then make use of the kids’ forts for a fun family night! Dinner, games, movies; however your family enjoys spending time together. Watch out for more promo coming your way!

Don’t forget, if you’ve been feeling socially isolated and are looking for a way to connect in a meaningful way with others, check out our online cafés! On Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00pm, there is the “Parenting During Pandemic” café. You can register by visiting  

As usual, our weekly Kidzone updates and Sunday experiences are updated on our WEBSITE by Friday at 4:00pm. You can find all that you will need for your child, according to the headings, by visiting: Check out our Worship Song of the Week, our weekly Mission Challenge, weekly Kidzone Klub devotionals, and more. You can even utilize the new bridge app to receive Kidzone Online updates by turning on notifications and to access all these materials under the “Kidzone” area! For Sunday ministry materials, simply scroll down to ‘Kidzone Sunday’ and click on your child’s age group.

Don’t forget to tune in Mondays to Fridays @bridgekidzone on Instagram LIVE! Every day at 12:30pm we have lunch time stories. If you or your child would like to be a guest reader, please email Christy at [email protected].

If you didn’t get a chance to last week, check out the video posted in our “Additional Resources” section under “Anxiety in Children” for some practical tips to help support your kids in this season. In the same way we as adults are navigating losses and emotions, so are our kids.

As always, these resources are a GIFT to help equip & empower you; there is no expectation tied to them! Use them in a way that will help YOU.

God be with each of you as you go into this weekend and a new week. He is for you! Please never hesitate to reach out if you or your children need support and prayer.  

In His Love, 
Pastor Shauna
[email protected]

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