Kidzone: October 1 Update

Oct 1, 2021Kidzone Online

Is anyone else wondering how it is October? Just me? September flew by! But October means a lot of exciting things for Kidzone and for the bridge

Starting THIS SUNDAY, the bridge will be back to in-person ministry at The Olive Branch church at 3:15pm. The services will now be live-streamed at 3:15pm (instead of the pre-recorded morning services). Registration is full for this week, but opens each week for the following Sunday at 7pm on Please note: there will be NO in-person Kidzone ministry offered at 3:15pm on Sundays until November 7th. Any children present for in-person services will receive a Service Swag bag at the door!

We will have a nursery space that a guardian can check-in to with their young child (pre-k aged and under), or a mom who is nursing, starting Oct. 3rd. There will be a volunteer present, under the leadership of our awesome Nursery Lead Maureen Won, however this is not a drop-off nursery. If you’re attending the service and your little one needs to be changed, have a good cry, or get some wiggles out; feel free to head on over for a little while! 

For those who registered for Kidzone Konnection groups; make sure to refer to the email you’re receiving today for your child’s group leaders and more important information! Groups start this Sunday at 10am and we are so excited!

We are beginning a NEW 6-week Saddleback kids’ series this Sunday called, “My Friend Jesus!”  This series is going to be AWESOME! The desire is for our kids to know that when Jesus is their friend: He shows selfless love, we learn what is important, He shows us the truth about Himself, we are part of God’s big plan, he shows us how to be a good friend, and He shows us how to love no matter what. We are praying that our kids’ hearts would be softened to know and experience the precious gift of LIFE Jesus offers each of them in Himself!

As usual, these video lesson and family resource postings will be updated by Fridays at 4pm on Kidzone Online. Check out our resource page as well if you’re looking for a Thanksgiving activity!

In His Love,
Pastor Shauna

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