Kidzone: September 9 Update

Sep 9, 2022Uncategorized

Happy Friday Kidzone Families!

🍿 Our annual Kidzone “POPPING UP!” will take place on THIS SUNDAY! On this special Sunday, our kids will officially move up to the next grade in Kidzone! 🥳 To celebrate this new ministry year, please stick around after service (3:15 pm at The Olive Branch Church) and be sure to visit the KIDZONE booth during the church-wide Ministry Launch! We will be handing out special treats to our Kidzone kids and families!!!

Note: Pre-registration is no longer required for in-person service, so please arrive early or on time to ensure that your child can be checked in before capacity is reached!

We are starting our new series “WHO IS HE” where we will learn about who Jesus is and what happened during his time on earth! Join us as we explore Jesus in the temple.

Our video lessons will be updated by Friday at 6 pm on Kidzone Online.    

We encourage you this week to try to remember the big idea we learned last Sunday. Here is a HINT: “I believe God is ____ __!”

If you have a little one (infant to pre-schooler), please feel free to visit the Nursery space. Our awesome Nursery team has a volunteer present to welcome you and your little one, answer questions, play with your kids and to connect with.  

We are THRILLED to serve your child(ren) in Kidzone for the 2022-2023 ministry year. To help us stay organized and updated, we are asking Kidzone child(ren) to be re-registered! Please complete this 2022-2023 registration form 📝 (Kidzone Registration 2022-2023) in order to receive Kidzone updates, participate in Kidzone ministry, events, and more!!

With love, 

The Kidzone Leadership Team 

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