Kidzone Klub Weekly Devotional #1

Mar 25, 2020Kidzone Klub

Hey Kidzone Families,

As promised in our weekly update, we are beginning weekly kid-led devotionals every Wednesday! We’re going to be working through a series based on ‘Victory in Jesus!’ by Anne Marie Gosnell. That means- when we have Jesus in our lives and God on our side- we win! Our first episode is all ready for you. Our awesome 5th grade friend Tessa Boadway takes the lead this week, reminding us through the story of ‘The Annunciation’ (a fancy word for ‘announcement’); no matter how impossible something may seem in our lives, we can ALWAYS trust God! Though they are most developmentally appropriate for Grade 1-Grade 5’s, we think everyone will enjoy them. 

So gather around together as a family and ENJOY! The video is also posted on our Instagram account @bridgekidzone

In His Love,

Pastor Shauna

the bridge