*at varying age appropriateness; check them out to see if they are appropriate for your kids 

Family Meeting Game

Print off and assemble the board game and use it to stimulate communication and positive problem-solving with your family. It contains questions specific to the unique family problems potentially caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help for Families during COVID-19

Some helpful resources (marriage, parenting, activities, family devotionals) for families during COVID-19 from Focus on the Family.

Coronavirus Book for Kids

Check out this free book PDF…Coronavirus: A Book For Kids.

Covid kids time capsule

Have our kids write down the history they are living through!

What is a coronavirus?

Child-friendly explanation of the coronavirus with follow-up learning activities from Brainpop.

How to explain Coronavirus to Kids

This is a great explanation of the Coronavirus for younger kids in the form of a story by Manuela Molina.

how to talk to your kids about coronavirus

A great explanation & video as well for younger kids from PBS Kids.

what is social distancing?

A video from CBC Kids on social distancing. For older kids.

Coronavirus Comic

An explanation of the Coronavirus told in comic book form. For older kids.

Child Mind Institute

“How to Talk to Kids about the Coronavirus”: a video from the Child Mind Institute providing parents with tips on how to converse with kids about the virus.

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