Navigating family stress—NEW!

Notes from Leanne Cabral’s parenting seminar on navigating family stress. Recognize your own stressors and those of your kids, equipping them with healthier tools and strategies, so that you can move your family from surviving to thriving.

A Parent's Guide to Smartphones

An incredibly well written guide (from a biblical worldview) that helps parents to think through their values related to smart phone usage in the home, and with their family. It also asks some thought provoking questions, and additionally includes more resources for specific interests or issues you may be facing. Check it out!

Six Truths For Any Special Needs Parent

Check out this great article from Parent Cue! Let’s all take a few moments to read and reflect upon it so that we can put forth Christ’s love & empathy to the kids and parents around us who live this reality.

Parents Who Raise Highly Resilient Kids

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of resilience in the face of external stressors and unpredictable circumstances. But it’s not something randomly developed; it’s a trait that parents can nurture in kids early on to help them become emotionally healthy adults. Check it out!

When and How to Talk to Your Child About Pornography

When should you talk to your child about pornography? Likely earlier than you think. Click to read an article from Parent Cue about when and how to talk to your child about it.

For Parents of Virtual School Learners

Check out this article for five truths every parent of a virtual learner needs to hear.

What Your Child Is asking

Just when you think you understand your child, everything changes. It might be helpful to know that every kid at every phase is asking a unique and fundamental question.

What to expect in sixth grade

How to prepare your sixth grader for what to expect in the coming school year.

Supporting your child's emotional and mental health

If you missed the Generation Bridge May 18th Parent Mental Health seminar, you can view the video now via this link. Some great resources mentioned!

Supporting your child through their anxiety

Check out this video from Pastor Shauna about how to support your child(ren) through their feelings of fear and/or anxiety.

Handling Disappointment

A great article from the Child Mind Institute on how to help your kids handle disappointment.

Getting Along

Check out this blog post for tips on how to help your kids get along with one another.

Parent Media Control Resources

An article on how to help establish healthy and safe boundaries for your kid’s use of technology.

identifying emotions

This resource gives kids a tool that helps them to learn to identify their emotions. Emotions Faces PDF from

Emotion Wheel PDF

This resource from helps kids to learn to identify their emotions. 

My Fears

Processing fears and making a plan for what to do when experiencing those fears in the future.

Feelings Games

Incorporating class games for helping kids to talk about and discuss their feelings.

why i'm grateful

Helps kids reflect on all the various areas of life that they have to be grateful for (relationally, tangible things, etc.).

"raising boys and girls" podcast

A group of Christian children’s counselors & authors with a great podcast for encouraging parents with strategies.

managing fear and anxiety during a pandemic

A blog post for parents on managing anxiety during any number of life disruptions.

Parent Cue: Anxiety Conversation Guide for grade schoolers

Age-appropriate tips and resources for helping a grade-schooler deal with anxiety.

Parent cue: Anxiety Conversation Guide for preschoolers

Age-appropriate tips and resources for helping a preschooler deal with anxiety.

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