Valentine's Cards

We’ve got a variety of printable Valentines all ready for you! What a great year to make this a special weekend family project, and to send Valentines out to all of your friends and loved ones via “snail mail!”

Fall Family Scavenger Hunt

A fun fall game for the whole family. Get outdoors and experience this together!

Back to School Plan

A worksheet to help you create intentional moments for the things that matter to your family during the school year. Check it out!

"I'm So Grateful For..." Printable

Click the image above to download the “I’m So Grateful” printable sheet.

Gratitude Prayer Cards

Printable gratitude prayer cards to do with the kids!

Family Discovery Kit

Download this PDF for a fun family activity. Discover what makes each of you unique and special!

How to reach your community

Some practical ideas for reaching out to your community together as a family from The Christian Post.

stories of hope

Celebrating stories of hope with your family from International Justice Mission.

family activities for self-isolation

Compassion has 8 fantastic faith-building family activities to keep your families engaged during this time of self-isolation.

Acts of Kindness

Seven random acts of kindness ideas for kids from Parents magazine.

step into my shoes

Compassion also has a practical tool “Step Into My Shoes” that allows your kids to step into the lives of those who have less and shows how we can help them

the bridge