Kidzone Summer Reading list

Check out this list of books and stories for kids to encourage discussion around diversity and inclusivity. 

Raising Little Allies-to-be

Check out this free e-book with hands-on activities for fostering an understanding of anti-racism & privilege. 

Talking with kids about race

Some helpful resources on how to talk to your kids about race. Some links with a Biblical worldview included here.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Race

Check out this PDF on how to talk to your kids about race from Emmaus Church.  

things to ask yourself before talking to your kids about racism

Included is also a link to an age-by-age guide on how to talk to your kids about racism.

Talking About Race with Young Children

A podcast and some quick tips on talking about race with young kids.

How to Help Kids Handle the News

An article from the Child Mind Institute with some guidelines parents can keep in mind to help kids deal with troubling news about race and violence.

How White Parents Can Use Media to Raise Anti-Racist Kids

Ten ideas for how to use media to start and continue conversations about race and racism with your kids. From Common Sense Media.

books to help you talk to your kids about racism

Talking to your kids about racism can be tough. Here are some children’s books to help get them thinking about it.

the bridge