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Check out this list of resources from our Kidzone Children’s Ministry. New links added weekly!

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Six Truths For Any Special Needs Parent—NEW!

Check out this great article from Parent Cue! Let’s all take a few moments to read and reflect upon it so that we can put forth Christ’s love & empathy to the kids and parents around us who live this reality.

Parents Who Raise Highly Resilient Kids—NEW!

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of resilience in the face of external stressors and unpredictable circumstances. But it’s not something randomly developed; it’s a trait that parents can nurture in kids early on to help them become emotionally healthy adults. Check it out!

Easy Family Easter Recipe—new!

Join the Tsai family as they create “Easter Resurrection Rolls” as a family! This is a fun and creative way to tell the story of Easter and have your kids take the lead!

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