resources for families + children

Check out this list of resources from our Kidzone Children’s Ministry. New links added weekly!

devotional + free bible resources

Prayer Calendar Guide

Check out this Prayer Calendar Guide for Kids!

Gospel Conversation Guide

Check out this Start HERE Gospel Conversation Guide resource.

Start here gospel video

Check out this Start HERE video about the Gospel.

Notes From Jesus Booklet

Free “Notes from Jesus!” booklet: full of promises to us from Jesus and what He wants us to know!

Family Devotional

Free faith-growing family devotional experiences from Lifetree Kids.

faith conversation guides

Faith Conversations Guide for Every Age: a great discipleship tool for parents.

Go Minno

Check out some videos for supporting worship & teaching at home

The Bible App for Kids

This is an awesome resource that offers the Bible at developmentally appropriate levels, helping kids learn the big story, and also has child-friendly navigation.

pray with your kids

A great resource for praying creatively with kids can be found here 

David C Cook

David C Cook (producer of out Gospel Light & other curriculums) has some great free & discounted family devotional resources here. 

focus on the family

Click here for a variety of family devotionals that are based on developmental stage & needs of kids and families

outreach + memory making

stories of hope — NEW!

Celebrating stories of hope with your family from International Justice Mission.

family activities for self-isolation

Compassion has 8 fantastic faith-building family activities to keep your families engaged during this time of self-isolation.

step into my shoes

Compassion also has a practical tool “Step Into My Shoes” that allows your kids to step into the lives of those who have less and shows how we can help them

How to reach your community

Some practical ideas for reaching out to your community together as a family from The Christian Post.

Acts of Kindness

Seven random acts of kindness ideas for kids from Parents magazine.

memory making

Here are some great family ideas on creating fun family memories during the pandemic.

coronavirus resources for kids

*at varying age appropriateness; check them out to see if they are appropriate for your kids 

Coronavirus Book for Kids

Check out this free book PDF…Coronavirus: A Book For Kids.

Covid kids time capsule

Have our kids write down the history they are living through!

What is a Coronavirus?

Child-friendly explanation of the Coronavirus with follow-up learning activities from Brainpop.

How to explain Coronavirus to Kids

This is a great explanation of the Coronavirus for younger kids in the form of a story by Manuela Molina.

how to talk to your kids about coronavirus

A great explanation & video as well for younger kids from PBS Kids.

what is social distancing?

A video from CBC Kids on social distancing. For older kids.

Coronavirus Comic

An explanation of the Coronavirus told in comic book form. For older kids.

Child Mind Institute

“How to Talk to Kids about the Coronavirus”: a video from the Child Mind Institute providing parents with tips on how to converse with kids about the virus.

Supporting Children’s Mental & Emotional Health

Handling Disappointment — NEW!

A great article from the Child Mind Institute on how to help your kids handle disappointment.

Supporting your child's emotional and mental health — new!

Here are the slides from the Generation Bridge May 18th Parent Mental Health seminar. Some great resources mentioned!

Getting Along — new!

Check out this blog post for tips on how to help your kids get along with one another.

Parent Media Control Resources — new!

An article on how to help establish healthy and safe boundaries for your kid’s use of technology.

Supporting your child through their anxiety

Check out this video from Pastor Shauna about how to support your child(ren) through their feelings of fear and/or anxiety.

identifying emotions

Emotions Faces PDF from

identifying emotions

Emotion Wheel PDF from

Feelings Games

Incorporating class games for helping kids to talk about and discuss their feelings.

My Fears

Processing fears and making a plan for what to do when experiencing those fears in the future.

why i'm grateful

Helps kids reflect on all the various areas of life that they have to be grateful for (relationally, tangible things, etc.).

"raising boys and girls" podcast

A group of Christian children’s counselors & authors with a great podcast for encouraging parents with strategies.

managing fear and anxiety during a pandemic

A blog post for parents on managing anxiety during any number of life disruptions.

Anxiety Conversation Guide: grade school

Age-appropriate tips and resources for helping a grade-schooler deal with anxiety.

Anxiety Conversation Guide: preschool

Age-appropriate tips and resources for helping a preschooler deal with anxiety.

movement + educational resources

Pre-Kinder Brain Breaks

Pre-Kinder Brain Breaks has great movement songs for toddlers and pre-K’s!

go noodle

Go Noodle is an awesome resource for active brain breaks and moving around!

Beachbody Kids

Beachbody Kids Workouts: a fun way to get fit and burn energy!


Scholastic is offering some great learn-from-home resources.

Storyline Online

FUN way to listen to stories read aloud by actors!

lunch doodles with Mo Willems

Have some fun sketching with Mo Willems! 

Virtual field trips

Here are 20 virtual field trips you can take with your kids.

the bridge