We invite you to join us at an especially called Members Meeting on June 6th at 2:00 pm. The meeting will be held online through Zoom Webinar. You’ll be joining Pastor Brian, Jey Anandarajan (Chair of Board Nomination Committee), Neil Maskery (Board Member & Chair of Building Campaign) and Kevin Aide (Board Member & Chair of Building Project Committee) online as they share their respective updates. During the Members Meeting, you will have the opportunity to connect and ask questions through the Q&A window on your screen. Below, you will find the members meeting agenda and documents regarding changes to our by-law, available for download.

All are welcome. Members are requested to attend and prayerfully engage in matters of our church. To help facilitate check-in and electronic voting, please register by Wednesday, June 2nd. The Zoom webinar link will be provided upon registration. If you and someone from your household will be viewing on separate devices, please register separately. See below for check-in and voting instructions

By logging into the meeting on June 6th, you will be deemed present for the Members Meeting. If you are sharing a device with someone in your household who is also a Member, please enter both your names in the chat box to confirm both of you are present for check-in purposes. Voting members will receive an email after attendance at the Members Meeting has been confirmed and deemed “present” for quorum purposes. The email will allow you to vote during the meeting and will come from the bridge via Election Runner. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam mailbox. Please note: you will need to be able to access your email during the meeting to vote. 

The email will include a Voter ID and Voter Key with a link that will automatically log you in specifically to Election Runner to submit your vote. You will only be able to vote once. Your Voter ID will allow us to see if your vote has been submitted, but your vote/ballot will be anonymous.

Please note: voting will not open until the AGM starts. Voting for the November 22nd annual meeting minutes, by-law changes for virtual members meetings and by-law changes for the Board election process will all be on one ballot.

If you have been designated as a proxy holder by a Member who is not able to attend, you will receive a separate email addressed in their name. Please make sure you have discussed with the Member how they would like you to vote on their behalf. To vote for yourself, click the link in the email addressed to you. To vote for the Member who has designated you as their proxy holder, click the email with their name on it.

As preparation for the meeting, please review the documents on this website.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Board Election Process & Virtual Members Meetings:

On November 22, 2020, the membership passed this motion: “To direct the Bridge Board to explore a process that would allow for the appointment of board members from a list of names nominated by the membership, and to present it to the membership before the next AGM.” Jey Anadarajan will be presenting an update on the evaluation process that has taken place and, on behalf of the Board, share the proposed by-law changes that reflect this. For more information on the proposed Board election process, please review the By-law Change Log below.

In addition, by-law changes that allow the bridge to call and hold virtual members’ meetings and vote electronically will be presented. The church is currently able to do so as part of the Corporations Act and its “special rules during emergency.” Specifically, during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are recommended to add this ability to their operating by-laws. For more information on the by-law changes, please review the By-law Change Log below.

A draft copy of the amended operating by-law for the bridge, as well as the change log is available for download below.

Building Campaign and Building Project Update:

During this members’ meeting, you will hear an update from Kevin Aide on the progress and timeline for the building project. Neil Maskery will also provide an update on our building campaign – Building Hope.

Join us as we continue this exciting journey of bringing hope to the community.


  • Review the proposed by-law changes in advance of the meeting.
  • Please be praying for the building project as it continues to move forward.
  • Please lay the building campaign before the Lord and prayerfully consider what you will contribute.
  • Please register to attend the meeting online on June 6th. All are welcome, but members of the bridge, we need you there!!


At our member’s meeting on June 6, the following motions from the Board will require a vote by members. 

  • “That the bridge update Article 10 Meeting of Members of By-Law No. 1A, as per the Bridge General Operating By-law Change Log dated May 4, 2021.”
  • “That the bridge update Article 5 Board, Article 9 Nominating Committee, Appendix C and Appendix D of By-Law No. 1A, as per the Bridge General Operating By-law Change Log dated May 4, 2021.”

If you are not sure if you are a member, would like more membership information, or have any questions regarding the members’ meeting, please email [email protected].

members meeting agenda

Nov. 22nd, 2020 AGM Minutes

Bridge General Operating By-law Change Log – May 4, 2021

DRAFT By-law No. 1B

the bridge