Kidzone Weekly Resources for Preschool

Mar 5, 2021Kidzone Sunday

Good Morning, Kidzone Families!

This week’s Sunday, Mar 7th lesson features: 

This is the THIRTEENTH & last lesson in our Winter 20-21 curriculum and it’s called, “The Poor Woman’s Gift” (Mark 12:41-44). When the poor woman gave her two small coins in the offering box at the Temple (where they worshipped God), Jesus told his friends that she had given the most. She showed her love to God by giving all she had. We can show our love to God in many ways, too. Check it out! 

this week’s video lesson

our bible verse for the week

“I will be glad and rejoice in your love.”

Psalm 31:7


After watching the video, your child can try out the above follow-up activities. This week, there is a colouring sheet, as well as an offering craft! 

We also have now been granted access from Gospel Light to the online version of our weekly activity sheet and take-home resources, so these are also available to you. Feel free to cut/glue the “stickers” for the activity sheets. 

In His Love,
Pastor Shauna & Team

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