Dinner Prep

This team is responsible for ASSISTING the KITCHEN LEAD with all aspects of making dinner from cooking to plating. They are also responsible for making sack lunches for guests to take with them when they leave. Additionally, this group will clean up the kitchen Entirely to be ready for Breakfast the following morning.

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  What When Total Spots Available Spots
  What When Total Spots Available Spots
 Dinner Prep Week 1 (4-8pm)November 19, 201810
 Dinner Prep Week 2 (4-8pm)November 26, 201830
 Dinner Prep Week 3 (4-8pm)December 3, 201810
 Dinner Prep Week 4 (4-8pm)December 10, 201810
 Dinner Prep Week 6 (4-8pm)December 24, 201850
 Dinner Prep Week 7 (4-8pm)December 31, 201850
 Dinner Prep Week 8 (4-8pm)January 7, 201950