OLD 2018 – Hospitality

You MUST be able to arrive by 5pm. This group will be responsible for serving food to our guests, dining with our guests, joining them in conversation, and clearing the table after dinner. They may also offer after-dinner activities (e.g. Bingo, movies, music, etc) and other hospitality tasks to help make the guests comfortable (book table, hot drinks, etc).

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  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
Hospitality - Week 1 (5-9pm)121 • Sign up »
Hospitality - Week 2 (5-9pm)121 • Sign up »
 Hospitality - Week 3 (5-9pm)120
 Hospitality - Week 4 (5-9pm)120
 Hospitality - Week 5 (5-9pm)120
 Hospitality - Week 6 (5-9pm)120
 Hospitality - Week 7 (5-9pm)120
Hospitality - Week 8 (5-9pm)122 • Sign up »
 Hospitality - Week 9 (5-9pm)120