Updated Recommendations for LifeGroups

Mar 19, 2020COVID-19

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Direction for LifeGroups during COVID-19.

We have church-wide, updated information and direction in regards to how everyone meets.  This affects LifeGroups. Effective immediately, there should be no meetings held in-person.  So all LifeGroups will go online.   

PLEASE DON’T CANCEL.  Please move to an online platform of your choice.  We will cover the monthly cost of a Zoom subscription – $20.  Only the “host” of the call is required to pay – anyone they invite to the call does not pay. 

In times like these, the reasons we meet every week are magnified and expanded.  With each escalation in the news, and restriction on movement, there WILL be new and unexpected care needs.  See the Care Plan & Resources that Kandace, our Director of Group Care for LifeGroups has developed. 

 There is a need to build faith where fear might be taking over. 

Some might be looking for God in the midst of this, and need a place to dialogue and work out their faith. 

We need each other more than ever in uncertain times.  

The important thing is to stay connected, to care deeply, pray consistently, and share what we have with others. 

You can’t motivate your way out of a crisis like this.

You have to lead your way through it.  Carey Nieuwhof.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.  If you ever wondered about the importance of being a church of LifeGroups, or about being a LifeGroup leader, right now might clarify it for you!  Your role is more relevant and more pertinent.  Your leadership is critical – let’s BE the church. 

Grace + peace

Pastor Karen




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