Here’s your schedule for today:

  1. Watch the video (all elements below included in video).
  3. Read scripture passage.
  4. Professional indoor origami!
  5. Question of the day.
  6. Worship with the JR Crew!

Today’s Video

game of the day: soaked!

Supplies Needed:

Bins or buckets (2 per team), sponge (1 per team), towels


Have everyone lie on their back, side by side. Place a bin of water by the person on one end and an empty bin by the person on the other end. The object is to transfer all of the water from one bin to the other using a sponge. The person by the bin full of water must dunk the sponge, then pass it down the line to the last person, who will then squeeze the water into the empty bin before passing the sponge back and repeating. The players will get wet and they’ll love it! Thicker sponges work MUCH better than small kitchen sponges/scrubbing pads. You can also substitute the sponge with a t-shirt or hand towel. (This game is demonstrated in the Day 2 video.)

Today’s Activities

Click on the buttons below for today’s colouring sheet and origami craft.

the bridge