Here’s your schedule for today:

1. Press play on the video

2. Theme song

3. 80’s word of the day


5. Bible story

6. Totally tubular origami 

7. Memory verse

8. Question of the day

9. Worship song

    Today’s Video

    game of the day: Star Warriors

    Supplies Needed:

    Bag of cotton balls

    Small container of Vaseline

    Bin/Bucket (1 per team)


    All players line up at the starting line. Each player gets a dab of Vaseline on the nose. On “Go,” the first player has to run to the other side of the backyard where there is a bowl or pile of cotton balls and pick one up using only their nose. Then, they run back to the starting line and shake it off into their bucket. Remember dudes: no using hands! Once the player shakes off the cotton ball, the next player can go. If you have lots of players, you can split into two teams and see which team collects the most cotton balls, but if there’s only a couple of you, you can take turns running to the bin and collecting the cotton balls against a 1 minute timer and see how many you can get. So, instead of lifting things with one’s mind, players can use the force of Vaseline to pick up as many cotton balls as they can! (The game is demonstrated in the Day 3 video).

    Today’s Activities

    Click on the buttons below for today’s colouring sheet and origami craft.

    the bridge