Here’s your schedule for today:

  1. Watch the video (all elements below included in video).
  3. Read scripture passage.
  4. Professional indoor origami!
  5. Question of the day.
  6. Worship with the JR Crew!

**Please note that the video will be appear on this page on August 7.**

Today’s Video

game of the day: fishy face!

Supplies Needed:

Whipped topping/cream (1-2 tubs), goldfish crackers (1 bag/box), bowls (1 per team), towels for cleanup


Choose some players to put whipped topping on their face like a beard. Place a bowl of goldfish crackers about 15 feet away from them. On “go,” have their teammates race back and forth, grabbing one goldfish cracker at a time and sticking it to their bearded partner. See which team can apply the most goldfish crackers in 1 minute. Work quickly before their beards have time to fall off! If there aren’t enough people for multiple teams, make it a simple challenge to see how many crackers can be applied in the allotted time. (This game is demonstrated in the Day 3 video.)

Today’s Activities

Click on the buttons below for today’s colouring sheet and origami craft.

the bridge