Here’s your schedule for today:

1. Press play on the video

2. Theme song

3. 80’s word of the day


5. Bible story

6. Totally tubular origami 

7. Memory verse

8. Question of the day

9. Worship song

    Today’s Video

    game of the day: Paper Boy

    Supplies Needed:

    Roll of newspaper or regular paper (1 per team or 1 per child if you don’t want them sharing paper)


    First, one player will hold a hula hoop above their head. Then, all the other athletes will stand a few feet back at the starting line. The first person in line will try to throw the newspaper through the hula hoop, then go to the other side, get the newspaper and bring it back to the next person in line. If you have 8 or more players, you can split into two teams and have two paper routes going to see which team can score 10 papers first, but if not, you can just have one line and compete against a 30 second timer to see how many papers the players can score. (The game is demonstrated in the Day 4 video).

    Today’s Activities

    Click on the buttons below for today’s colouring sheet and origami craft.

    the bridge