Where is God in this Covid-19 pandemic?

Apr 13, 2020Blog

The following is an article by Pastor Samuel Mills, Executive Pastor at the bridge. This is an excerpt of the post from his personal blog. To continue to the whole article click the read more button at the end of this excerpt.

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only spread a virus throughout the world, but has also spread fear and uncertainty. Infection and death rates are exponentially increasing. The stock market has seen some of the most significant declines in history. Economists fear that we are possibly on the verge of a Great Depression. Professional sporting events, conferences, concerts have cancelled, and schools have shifted their teaching online. Travel bans and social distancing have become a part of life. Grocery stores have long lines of people panic-buying. Hospitals don’t have sufficient protective gear and medical equipment to manage the influx of patients. Healthcare workers are facing exhaustion as they risk their lives to treat the sick. Over a million people and counting worldwide are infected with the virus, and tens of thousands have died. Families are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

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